Inspected Systems in a Sunshine State's Best Home Inspection

 Our Inspections are a thorough analysis of the present condition of the home. The following systems are inspected:

  1. EXTERIOR   Sheething Material   Framing Material   Stumps   Screens   Opening Protection   Lights   Gates   Driveway   Sidewalks   Paint   Gutters   Soffits   Facia Board   Water Shut off   Sprinklers   Pool   Yard   Screen Enclosure    
  2.  ROOF   Age   Materials   Geometry   Condition   Vent Stack   Dryer Vent   Flashing      
  3. HOT WATER HEATER   Make   Size   Age   Life Expectancy   TPR Valve   Hardwired   Water shut off   Electrical Shut off     
  4. HVAC   Air Handler Make   Air Handler Size   Air Handler Age   Air Handler Life Ex   Compressor Make   Compressor Size   Compressor Age   Compressor Life Ex   Lines   Straps/Pad   Float   Filter   Heating Temp   Air Return Temp   Cooling Temp          
  5. CRAWL   SPACE   Floor Joists   Floor Material   Drain Pipes   Venting   Insulation   Duct Work      
  6. GARAGE   Entry Door   Vehicle Door   Pedestrian Door   Floor   Ceiling   GFI/ Outlets   Window   Window sill   Garage Door Closer      
  7. ELECTRICAL   Make   Amperage   Same Breakers   Proper sized Breakers   Double Tap   Problematic  Panel   Aluminum Wiring   Panel Screws   Service type   Conduit Material   Grounding      
  8. KITCHEN   Refrigerator   Freezer   Icemaker   Water line   Stove top   Oven   Microwave   Dishwasher   Disposal   Cabinets   Countertop   Backsplash   Sink    Faucet   Sprayer   Lighting   Flooring   Tile/   Grout   GFI/ Outlets   Ceiling
  9. BATHROOM   Toilet   Sink   Faucet   Vanity   Lighting   GFI/ Outlets   Exhaust   Bathtub   Shower   Doors   Door Stopper   Closets   Flooring   Wall   Ceiling   Tile/Grout   Stoppers      
  10. FIREPLACE   Hearth   Firebox   Damper   Chimney   
  11. BEDROOM   Door   Floor   Ceiling   Window   Window sill   Outlets   Closet door   Door Stops      
  12. ATTIC   A/C Equiptment   Insulation   Roof Covering Material   Roof Deck Attachements   Roof to   Wall Attachments   SWR- secondary water resistance   Venting   Roof Leaks       
  13. LIVING ROOM-DEN-DINING ROOM   Outlets   Windows   Window Sills   Floors   Walls   Ceilings   Lighting   Doors   Locking Mechanism   

Home Inspections


You’ve finally found what seems to be the perfect home. It’s got all your must-haves and some of your nice-to-haves, too. It looks like it’s in excellent condition, but merely looking like it’s in good condition is not enough when it comes to such a huge financial decision.

To make sure you’re not buying a money pit, you need a professional home inspection delivered by Sunshine State's Best Home Inspection before you commit.

A Sunshine State's home inspection